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BBC Radio 2 Playlisted track

Alistair Griffin & Leddra Chapman’s new duet “The One” has recently been playlisted on BBC Radio 2 Yay! šŸ™‚ (You can preview and buy the radio mix hereĀ )

Silver Lining Premiere

Tomorrow night sees the premiere of the second of 7 documentaries produced by BT Sport Films; Silver Lining, which follows the compelling story of Judo-playing Olympian couple Gemma Gibbons and Euan Burton, and chronicles their lives, their careers thus far, and the various trials and tribulations of their London 2012 experience. Music and audio post...

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UFC: The Story So Far Premiere

This saturday evening (3rd August) sees the premiere of the first of 7 documentaries produced by BT Sport Films; UFC: The Story So Far catalogues the origins and rise of what is now one of the world’s biggest sporting franchises, and asks where it may go in the future, all set to Richard Dillane’s brilliant...

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Crossing Lines – Italian Dub

This week we hosted a session to record the Italian dub for Crossing Lines,Ā a new US crime drama. Actress Lara Rossi, who played Arabela Seeger in the 2 part season finale of the show, was able to reprise her original role in the Italian dub of the show, redelivering her dialogue in her secondary Language....

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Where’s My Perry? – Sound Design

This week we’ve just completed sound design on Disney’s Where’s My Perry?Ā game to coincide with the new season of Phileus and Fern’s Marvellous Megaheroes on Disney XD. If you’re browsing on your iPhone or iPad, click here to download the game for free!!

2013… The Year Ahead

2013 looks set to be an exiting year for us at Twoears, beginning working relationships with some new clients (we recently secured a deal to mix and compose the audio and music for six upcoming documentaries for BT Vision), strengthening ties with existing partners, and celebrating our 10 year anniversary All this and much more,...

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