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Forbidden Games

Forbidden Games – The Justin Fashanu Story Premieres: 2nd May 2017 Toronto’s Hot Docs Festival Fulwell 73 Productions, Darke Films, Black Sun Media International sales:  The Film Sales Company, Andrew Herwitz Producers: Adam Darke, Jon Carey, Leo Perlman Executive producers: Benjamin Turner, Gabe Turner Cinematography: Damian Bradshaw Editor: Jon Carey Original Music: Soren Andersen The...

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Focal International 2015 Winner

An Ordinary Hero – The story about Mike “The Bike” Hailwood has been awarded the Focal International Award for best use of sports archive footage. Congratulations to Adam Darke (Director), Jon Carey (Editor) and BT Sport.

An Ordinary Hero – Premiere

This week it’s all hands on deck to complete the sound design and mix of An Ordinary Hero, a great new documentary chronicling the career of Mike Hailwood, one of motorcycle racing’s all-time greats, premiering next Wednesday March 26th to coincide with BT Sport’s MotoGP coverage.  

O Arise All Ye Sons Premiere

The seventh documentary in a series of BT Sport films is a fascinating look at how Cricket has lifted a beleaguered nation, and is a heart warming account of how human spirit can prevail even in the most unlikely circumstances. Debuting on Christmas day, please do check this one out.

Cornered Premiere in Leicester Square

Tonight we’re off to the premiere of the sixth film in the series of BT Sport films; ‘Cornered’ tells the unsung story of Journeyman boxer Johnny Greaves, offering an interesting insight into the role of Journeymen in the wider world of boxing, whilst also conveying a starkly emotional portrait of Johnny, and how he became...

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Keeping Up with the Brownlees Premiere

Last night saw the premiere of the 5th film in a series of 7 by BT Sport; ‘Keeping Up with the Brownlees’ tells the story of 2 Yorkshire lads and their steady ascension to the top of the global triathlon scene, including the incredible gold – and – bronze medal performance at London 2012. If...

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Winning Ugly Premiere

Cast your minds back to July 31st, and you’ll remember us mentioning English Rugby legend Brian Moore visiting Twoears for a Voice Over session for a BT Sport documentary. The documentary in question, Winning Ugly, premieres tomorrow afternoon at 3PM, and charts the evolution of Rugby, Football and Cricket from largely amateur endeavours of the...

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BT Sport – Latest

With the recent launch of BT Sport, some of my work on their documentaries is finally seeing the light of day. We’ve already had the premieres of UFC: The Story So Far, Football Outposts and Silver Linings, so check back regularly for updates, trailers etc for this exciting ongoing collaboration.    

Football Outposts Premiere

This sunday night (August 11th) sees the premiere of the third of 7 documentaries produced by BT Sport Films; Football Outposts explores the social aspects of lower league Football. Music and audio post completed here at Twoears. For more info on Football Outposts and other upcoming titles from BT Sport Films, click here